He is a force to be reckoned with on the waves. He's already won the local surfing competition and is determined to win again at this year's festival. His sights are also set on a bigger goal, uniting with his estranged mother.


A trailblazer in her community. She is determined to prove that female surfers can be just as skilled and competitive as their male counterparts. She was selected to train in Senegal.


Surfing prodigy, a natural talent who some say is even better than Abraham. They've been inseparable since childhood, and their friendship is unbreakable - even as they compete against each other for a chance at a way out of the island.


Having overcome one of her biggest fears: the water. She now faces each new wave with excitement and anticipation, believing that no wave is too big for her to conquer.


The local surfing legend on the island of Tarkwa Bay. After learning how to surf from foreigners, he has dedicated his time to giving back to his community by teaching the boys and girls that now surf on the island.


Fitness trainer and surf instructor who has taken the training and wellbeing of the female surfers on the island as her priority, but there’s more than meets the eye to her story.

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The Nigerian Surfing Federation


The Nigerian Olympic Committee 



The Story

On Tarkwa bay, a small island in Lagos where surfing has become a way of life for the youth, a teenager named Abraham aspires to one day represent his country Nigeria in surfing and win medals. But after a surfing festival is introduced that provides an opportunity for the best local surfers to compete and train in various countries, Abraham sees this as his only chance to reunite with his mother who has been in Ghana for most of his life.

While chronicling his poignant quest, the documentary also explores the vibrant sisterhood of female surfers on the island, bravely confronting stereotypes as they showcase their resilience in the sport and inspiring unity.

This documentary is a compelling, cinematic, and emotional exploration of surfing in Nigeria from the view of the locals on Tarkwa Bay, shedding light on empowering local talent and showcasing the resilience, unity, and human spirit that defines them.